Team Persistence - Persistent people begin success where others end in failure...
Here are some recruiting flyers, inserts
and Ideas that you can edit and print
out to help build your team...
Your "Try it kit" should include an order book and a couple of brochures                                                  (labeled with your information).
                                     Put them right inside an Avon literature
Keep track of your prospects and appointments.
This is a great recruiting flyer.
Professional Recruiting Flyer.
Recruiting Labels.
This is designed as a meeting hand out. Describes how long reps have to achieve the required sales and 
number of recruits for UL...
This is a great recruiting insert to include in each brochure or to tack a few on bulletin boards while you're out.
Flyer you can modify with your own information.  You can also find it on
                                              the site in the ldshp.
This is another great flyer that you can modify with your own information. 
                                     You can also find it in the leadership
                                     section of the site.
*NEW* These are great bookmarks
to include in your brochures.  They
look sharp on colored paper.  I print
them however you want and be sure to
include your info. at the bottom...
"The Fastest way to build relationships is to
genuinely care about the other person."
Jenna Legere
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